Thank you for visiting our Web site! We hope you find something to give a sweet touch to your celebration, but if you didn’t please don`t hesitate to contact us and we`ll be happy to work on your custom order.
Vanilla & Chocolate Decorated Cookies are rolled and decorated entirely by hand. We feature designs and shapes that are unique to Vanilla & Chocolate because many of our cookie cutters are made by us! This combined with our original designs ensures that our decorated cookies are one-of-a-kind and can be custom made to your specifications.

What types of Decorated Cookies do you offer?
We offer Sugar Decorated Cookies for every occasion & Custom Made Cookies. Our standard offerings can be found under cookie galleries and for samples of  things we are capable of producing for your event you can take a look at our Custom Cookies.

Do you sell your Cookie Cutters?
No, we're sorry but we do not sell our cookie cutters.

Do you sell or send out Samples?
Yes we do. We offer a couple of different samples, if you want to taste our cookies we suggest you order a small box of cookie “buttons”, you`ll get a dozen of assorted size buttons, iced in a color of our choice. Another option is to order a “run of the house” sample, with this option you`ll receive 3 decorated sugar cookies of whatever is in production at the time of your order. Either choice is $15.00 including shipping and handling. Order here.

type of cookie

If you have a custom order call and request a sample of it prior to placement of your order we`ll be happy to offer it for $25.00.

What types of Cookie Flavors and Cookie Icing Flavors are available?
Our standard Decorated Cookies are sugar cookie with our signature butter icing. We can also offer chocolate sugar cookies as a custom choice. Please contact us for pricing. Our customers constantly tell us that our decorated cookies taste as good as they look.

What ingredients are in your Decorated Cookies and Icing?
Our iced Decorated Sugar Cookies are made of Flour, Sugar, Baking powder, Salt, Butter, Eggs, and Vanilla.
Our iced Decorated Chocolate Cookies are made of Flour, Sugar, Baking powder, Salt, Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder, Butter, and Eggs. Orders for Decorated Chocolate.
Our signature icing is made with Milk, Butter, Powdered Sugar and Corn Syrup.
Do your Decorated Cookies contain nuts?
No, they do not, but we do not recommend that people with food allergies consume our cookies. Cookies are baked in a facility that also processes nut products.

What is the average size of your Decorated Cookies?
Sizes for our Decorated Cookies will vary depending upon the design, but our Standard Sized Decorated Cookies are approximately 4" in one direction. You can contact us for specific sizes for any of our cookies.
Cookie in our Cookie Collections vary in size. They are sold as a collection, therefore we don`t offer the option to substitute cookies.

What is the average pricing for your Decorated Cookies?
Our cookie pricing generally begins at $3.50+ per piece, with $4.50 being the average pricing. Wrapping in a clear Cellophane Bag with a coordinating Satin Bow is included in the pricing. As prices do vary, please click on the cookie images you see on the pages of our Web site to be sure as to the pricing for your particular design.

What is the average pricing for your Custom Cookies?
Our Custom cookie pricing varies with each order, but the average starting price is $5.50 per cookie. Wrapping in a Clear Cellophane Bag with a coordinating Satin Bow included in the price.
Please note that our pricing for our Custom Cookies includes the cookies, the image research, cookie design, wrapping and the making of the cookie cutter. Your Custom Cookies will be priced a bit higher on average due to these production additions.

What is your Minimum Order for your Decorated and Custom Cookies?
There is generally a 12 piece minimum per design per order for our Decorated Cookies. Please click on the cookie images you see on the pages of our Web site to be sure as to the quantity minimum for your particular design.
The minimum order for Custom Cookies is 24 pieces.

What types of payment do you accept?
Vanilla & Chocolate accepts Checks for local delivery items only. All our online orders are taken through a secure Paypal site that accepts credit cards and paypal for payment. Look for a confirmation email from us after you've placed your order.

If we provide the image, do you copy designs from other Cookie Companies?
Under no condition do we ever copy another company's designs.

What is your average Lead Time to ship out an Order?
We require lead time minimum of one week to ship orders of fewer than 100 pieces for our Decorated Sugar Cookies and Cookie Collections, with a lead time of 2 weeks to ship Custom Cookie orders. For orders of over 100 pieces, please contact us for information and scheduling.
Is there a Rush Fee for an expedited Order?
Due to the handmade nature of our products we are unable to rush production of the same.

How are your Cookies Packaged or Wrapped?
Wrapping in a Clear Cellophane bag and coordinating Satin Bow is included in the price of our Decorated and Custom cookies. Our cookie collections are delivered in a Deluxe Gourmet  box with satin bow.
What Ribbon Colors do you offer for your Cookies?
Unless you have a very specific request, we reserve the right to choose a color that matches your cookies. Our ribbons are single-faced 5/8" Satin and we offer organza ribbons at an extra charge, please inquire prior to placing your order. Our bows are carefully made and fixed onto our cookies and ensure a crisp, neat and consistent presentation for your event.
For orders of over 150 pieces and a one month lead time, we can custom order ribbon colors.

What is the shelf life of your Decorated or Custom Cookies?
Vanilla & Chocolate Decorated Cookies and Cookie Collections  have a shelf life of up to 6 weeks from baking if kept packaged. For keeping as a special memento, our cookies will keep intact for years if kept dry, packaged and out of direct sunlight.
We recommend enjoying your Decorated Cookies, Custom Cookies and Cookie Collections within one week of receipt of your Order for best taste.
When do you recommend our Decorated Cookies to arrive?
We recommend ordering your Decorated, Custom and Cookie Collections to arrive at least five days before you'll need them for best taste and freshness and to address issues that may arise with shipping.
What conditions are best for storing your Cookies until they are used?
Please keep your Decorated Cookies as cool and dry as possible. Some deterioration can be expected if moisture touches de cookie surface. Colors can fade or change slightly with time so please plan on enjoying your cookies within one week of receipt.
Do you recommend freezing your Cookies to extend their shelf life?
No, we do not recommend freezing our cookies, as condensation during thawing may damage their appearance.

Do you Wholesale or Discount your Decorated, Custom Cookies?
Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to offer a wholesale discount but  we can provide a nominal discounting for our work beginning at 100+ pieces per design. Please call for a quote.

What shipping method do you use to ship out your Cookies?
We use UPS Ground Service for shipments from the West Coast to the middle of the United States, and UPS Ground Service or Express Mail for states nearer to the East Coast.

How much does it cost to ship my package?
Vanilla Chocolate Cookies charges a flat shipping fee of $9 for orders up to $57, $12 for orders up to $110, and $18 for orders $150 and above.

Please contact us at (619) 656-8110 or email us at info@vanillachocolatecookies.com