Cookie Gallery

We sell beautiful custom cookies for every occasion and on any theme. They are divided into galleries based on the way they are packaged and sold.cookie favor

Cookie Favors are individually wrapped in celophane bags and
tied with a ribbon. They are perfect gifts for guests at a birthday
or wedding. They are beautiful displayed on a tree at a party.


snow cookies collectionCookie Collections are sold as a group and usually displayed on a plate at a party. A collection has several large and small cookies that are designed around the same theme.


The Cookie Club is an amazing gift for the cookie lover in your life. Each month a special collection of cookies designed for that month arrive. You may choose which month to receive the birthday collection all others are based on seasons and holidays.

dentist logoCustom cookies are designed with your company logo, your initials or monogram, name or custom colors to match linens. Talk to us and let's see what memorable touch we can add to your special event.